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Norwegian filmmaker Morten Tyldum makes his directorial debut with the romantic comedy drama Buddy about a group of twentysomethings living in Oslo. Pals Kristoffer (Nicolai Cleve Broch) and Geir (Aksel Hennie) share a downtown apartment with the web designer Stig Inge (Anders Baasmo Christiansen). While Kristoffer and Geir enjoy videotaping their lives for fun, Stig prefers to stay inside the apartment hidden from the rest of the world. After Kristoffer breaks up with his girlfriend Elizabeth (Janne Formoe), he and Geir are hired at a local television station for a reality show called “Kristoffer’s Video Diary.” The show shakes up their previously ordinary lives and ignites a romance involving their new roommate Henriette (Pia Tjelta). Buddy won the audience award at the 2003 Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

Release date: Feb 19, 2004
Production Company: Happy Endings
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Art House & International,Comedy,Drama,Television

Buddy Caste and Crew
Director: Morten Tyldum
writer: Lars Gudmestad
Nicolai Cleve Broch,Aksel Hennie,Anders Baasmo Christiansen,Pia Tjelta,Janne Formoe,Henrik Giæver,Kim Haugen,Eivind Sander,Anna Bache-Wiig,Christian Skolmen,Niklas Gundersen