BloodRayne Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline


In 18th century Romania, Rayne (a girl with a human mother and vampire father) possesses superhuman strength but a soft side for humans. She decides to find her vampire father who is the powerful vampire Kagan. On her journey, she is befriended by two vampire hunters and learns that there are three Talisman organs — a heart, an eye and a rib from her ancestor vampire, Beliar — which Kagan covets, that will make him so powerful that he will throw the earth into darkness and vampires will rule forever.

Release date: Jan 6, 2006
Production Company: Fantastic Films International
Box Office Collection: $1,550,000
Genre: Action & Adventure,Horror,Science Fiction & Fantasy

BloodRayne Caste and Crew
Director: Uwe Boll
writer: Guinevere Turner
Kristanna Loken,Michael Madsen,Michelle Rodriguez,Ben Kingsley,Udo Kier,Matthew Davis,Billy Zane,Michael Paré,Meat Loaf,Will Sanderson,Geraldine Chaplin,Madalina Constantin,Daniela Nane,TJ Storm,Constantin Barbulescu,Teona Galgotiu,Laura Burlarda,Razvan Popa,Aurel Dicu,Iulia Muresanu,Romanita Ionescu,Rocky Taylor,Iulia Popescu,Robert Baer,Adrienne McQueen,Demeny Gabriel,Radu Andrei Micu,Darren Shahlavi,Bryan C. Knight,Estaban Cueto,Aden Ambrono,Florin Roata