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Blood and Sand

Juan Gallardo (Rudolph Valentino) is a shoemaker who becomes a national hero by way of his prowess as a matador in this drama. His success wins the heart of Carla (Lila Lee), who marries the charismatic bullfighter. Juan soon falls for Doña Sol (Nita Naldi), a wanton widow with a penchant for passion. Carla learns of the affair but vows to stand by her man. Juan is mortally gored by a bull when he sees Doña Sol in the crowd with another man. He is taken to the chapel at the stadium where he suffers in agony from his fatal distraction. Perennial villain Walter Long turns in another fine performance as the heavy Plumitas. Valentino failed to attend the premiere of the film when he believed the studio cut corners on the production cost. Judicious editing by Dorothy Arzner saved the studio a fortune by filming in the studio instead of in Madrid as originally planned. Arzner went on to become the most prominent female director of the 1930’s.

Release date: Aug 5, 1922
Production Company: Famous Players
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama,Romance

Blood and Sand Caste and Crew
Director: Dorothy Arzner,Fred Niblo
writer: June Mathis
Rudolph Valentino,Lila Lee,Nita Naldi,Walter Long,George Field,Rosa Rosanova,Leo White,Charles Belcher,Jack Winn,Mane Marstini,Gilbert Clayton,Harry Lamont,George Periolat,Fred Becker,Sidney de Grey,Dorcas Matthews