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Blithe Spirit

The Noel Coward/David Lean combination which turned out such dramas as Brief Encounter and This Happy Breed sets its sights on the viewer’s funny bone with Blithe Spirit. Rex Harrison plays a novelist, newly married to straight-laced Constance Cummings. Via a seance, Harrison accidentally summons the spirit of his first wife, Kay Hammond. Believing that Hammond wants to ruin his marriage, Harrison enlists the services of local medium Madame Arcati (Margaret Rutherford) to exorcise Hammond’s spirit. She fails, and in time, Harrison’s second wife is killed; now he has two playful spirits on his hands! Technicolor is used throughout Blithe Spirit, with the ghosts’ shimmering paleness providing contrast to the plain, everyday colors of Harrison’s conservative country home. Blithe Spirit was later transformed into the Broadway musical +High Spirits, with the original script bent out of shape to turn the character of Madame Arcati (played by Beatrice Lillie) into the leading role.

Release date: Jan 1, 1945
Production Company: United Artists
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Comedy,Science Fiction & Fantasy

Blithe Spirit Caste and Crew
Director: David Lean
writer: David Lean,Anthony Havelock-Allan,Noel Coward
Rex Harrison,Margaret Rutherford,Kay Hammond,Constance Cummings,Hugh Wakefield,Joyce Carey,Jacqueline Clark,Ken Richmond