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Barb Wire

This quasi-feminist fantasy adventure is based on a popular Dark Horse comic and is set in a civil-war-torn United States. The year is 2017 and a Nazi-like Congressional Directorate has comandeered the government. The evil CD threatens to wipe out entire cities with Red Ribbon, a manufactured virus derived from HIV. They have already successfully tested it on the city of Topeka, and only Steel Harbor remains free. Therein lives Barb Wire (Pamela Lee), a wild-haired black leather and thigh-high boot-wearing, hog-riding spit-fire bounty-hunter who carries antibodies for Red Ribbon in her DNA. Barb frequently captures her fugitives by posing as a stripper. The only time she blows her cover is when someone dares to call her “babe.” Her usual reply is punctuated by a violent act upon the offender. On her latest mission, Barb has captured a rebel fugitive, Krebs, who possesses special contact lenses that can defeat the retinal scanners the CD uses to prevent people from defecting to Canada. The evil regime wants those lenses before Krebs can pass them to Cora, D a former government physician who plans to use them to save thousands of lives.. Barb ends up with the lenses and must choose between selling them or giving them to Cora. Lee (best known for starring in the long-running syndicated show Baywatch) performed many of her own stunts.

Release date: May 3, 1996
Production Company: PolyGram Video
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Drama,Science Fiction & Fantasy

Barb Wire Caste and Crew
Director: David Hogan
writer: Ilene Chaiken,Chuck Pfarrer
Pamela Anderson,Temuera Morrison,Victoria Rowell,Jack Noseworthy,Xander Berkeley,Udo Kier,Steve Railsback,Clint Howard,Andre Rosey Brown,Tony Bill,Marc Collver,Vanessa Lee Asher,Jennifer Banko,Shelly Desai,Ken Forsgren,Neil Hunt,Henry Kingi,Tommy “Tiny” Lister,Marshall Manesh,John Paxton,Joey Sagal,Pee Wee Piemonte,Loren Rubin,Michael Russo,Harvey Shield,Patti Tippo,Dominique Vandenberg,Al Wan,Diane Warshay,Nicholas Worth,Nils Allen Stewart,Mark Collver,Amir Aboulela,Adriana Alexander,Ron Balicki,Candace Camille Bender,Alex Bookston,Gil Borgos,Tina Cote,Vinnie Curto,Miles Dougal,David Andriole,Darrell M. Heath,Diana Lee Inosanto,Tiffany Lawrence,Mary Anna Reyes,Jeffrey Dean Rosenthal,Joe Sagal,Diane Shay,Lou Simon,Rene Stahl,Teo,Jack Wright,Salvator Xuereb