Bandits Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline


Director Barry Levinson follows up the low-budget An Everlasting Piece (2000) with another comedy, this one of the homegrown variety from former Twin Peaks (1990) TV series writer Harley Peyton. Bruce Willis stars as suave bank robber Joe, who has escaped from prison with his hypochondriac buddy Terry (Billy Bob Thornton). Together, the two men have devised a clever scheme to take a bank officer hostage the night before a heist, then simply escort the executive to work early the next morning when they clean out the vault. Their ingenious methods have led to the men becoming media darlings dubbed “the Sleepover Bandits,” but all Joe and Terry want is to make a nice pile of money before crossing the Mexican border to a life of freedom and legitimacy. Their quest gets more complicated when Terry is struck by a car driven by Kate Wheeler (Cate Blanchett), a bored housewife who’s then forced to join their crime spree. Soon both Joe and Terry are in love with Kate and she with them, realizing that the two friends put together pretty much equal the perfect man. Bandits co-stars Troy Garity, son of actress Jane Fonda. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

Release date: Oct 12, 2001
Production Company: MGM Pictures
Box Office Collection: $41,176,738
Genre: Comedy,Drama

Bandits Caste and Crew
Director: Barry Levinson
writer: Harley Peyton
Bruce Willis,Billy Bob Thornton,Cate Blanchett,Troy Garity,Bobby Slayton,Brian F. O’Byrne,Stacey Davis,January Jones,Azura Skye,Peggy Miley,William Converse-Roberts,Richard Riehle,Mildred Kronenberg,Micole Mercurio,Scott Burkholder,Anthony Burch,Stacey Travis,Sam Levinson,Scout LaRue Willis,Tallulah Belle Willis,John Evans,John Harrington Bland,Cindy Goldfield,Heather Mathieson,Erin-Kate Whitcomb,Kim Bogus,Michael X. Sommers,Rich Sickler,Michael Birnbaum,Joe Unitas,Richard Shuster,Jennifer York,Jose G. Garcia,Jose Guillermo Garcia,Alfred De Contreras,Peter Weireter,Kerry Kilbride,Jane Velez-Mitchell,Mia Lee,Louis LeRay,Peter Hutchinson,Peter Hutchison,Maya Rossi,Joan Palmateer,Giulio Magnolia,Rose Aispuro,Carrie Casano,Jaye K. Danford,Darryl D. Stewart,Greg Wilmarth,Pete Anthony