Bananas Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline


The sharply satirical, uneven and often bizarre Bananas comes from Woody Allen’s zany period and tells the story of New York nebbish Fielding Mellish (Allen) who ends up El Presidente of San Marcos, a tiny war-torn Central American banana republic after he falls in love with a radical political activist (Louise Lasser) who is more interested in making revolution than love.

Release date: Apr 28, 1971
Production Company: MGM Home Entertainment
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Comedy

Bananas Caste and Crew
Director: Woody Allen
writer: Mickey Rose,Woody Allen
Woody Allen,Howard Cosell,Louise Lasser,Carlos Montalban,Jacobo Morales,Natividad Abascal,Miguel Ángel Suárez,David Ortiz,Danny DeVito,Bob O’Connell,René Enríquez,David Oniz,Jack Axelrod,Howard Cosell,Roger Grimsby,Don Dunphy,Charlotte Rae,Stanley Ackerman,Dan Frazer,Martha Greenhouse,Conrad Bain,Tigre Perez,Baron DeBeer,Arthur Hughes,John Braden,Dorothi Fox,Dagne Crane,Axel Anderson,Ted Chapman,Eddie Barth,Nicholas Saunders,Eulogio Peraza,Norman Evans,Hy Anzell,Marilyn Hengst,Ed Crowley,Beeson Carroll,Allen Garfield,Princess Fatosh,Dick Callinan,Sylvester Stallone,Robert O’Connell,Robert Dudley