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Atlantis Movie Story
Dr. Friedrich von Kammacher (Olaf Fønss), a surgeon, is devastated after his wife develops a brain disorder and is institutionalized. On the advice of his parents, von Kammacher leaves Denmark to gain some respite from his wife’s illness. Von Kammacher travels to Berlin, where he meets a young dancer named Ingigerd (Ida Orloff) and the doctor becomes fond of her and very interested in her. However she has a large amount of admirers and thus Von Kammacher gives up on her. However, while in Paris he sees an ad in the paper that she is going to New York with her father and decides to follow her. Von Kammacher buys a first ticket on the same liner as Ingigered, the SS Roland.
Aboard the ship, von Kammacher learns Ingigerd has a boyfriend with her and thus he backs down. Shortly after, he is called to treat a young Russian girl with seasickness and they nearly get romantically involved but class stops this from happening.
Halfway across the sea the Roland strikes an unseen object which causes massive flooding and dooms the ship. The passengers panic as the ship sinks into the Atlantic. Von Kammacher finds Ingigered passed out in her cabin from shock and carries her to a lifeboat. He goes back and searches in vain her father but when he can’t find him, von Kammacher returns to the lifeboat and holds Ingigereds hand as the lifeboat pulls away. They watch in horror as the Roland sinks into the ocean. The liner sinks so rapidly that many of the lifeboats are never launched and several passengers are swept into the sea and drowned. By morning, only von Kammacher’s lifeboat is still floating (the rest having been swamped by swimmers) and 8 still alive. They are spotted by a cargo liner and saved. Ingigerd is devastated when she is told that there are no more survivors and both her father and boyfriend have drowned.
Von Kammacher and Ingigerd arrive in New York and she is unable to continue with her career since she is still shocked over the Roland disaster. Von Kammacher tries to tell her that he loves her and wants a life with her in New York but she refuses to be tied down by one man. He gives up on her and they go their separate ways after she turns down his offer to live with him in New York. Von Kammacher is impressed by an art gallery and takes an interest in fine art. Through the artistic community, he is introduced to a kind and pleasant sculptor named Eva Burns, and they develop a friendship. A New York doctor, who is a friend of von Kammacher, offers him the use of a mountain cabin, where it is hoped that Friedrich will find some peace and solace. While he is in the mountains, a telegram from Denmark arrives in New York with information that von Kammacher’s wife has died. Upon hearing the news, Friedrich falls critically ill. Eva takes it upon herself to tend to him in the mountain cabin. As she nurses him back to health, their relationship blossoms. Happiness returns to Friedrich’s life as he realizes Eva will be a good mother for his children.

Director: American
Release in: 1913
Country American
Genre: unknown

Atlantis Movie Cast

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