Angels with Dirty Faces Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Angels with Dirty Faces

Close pals Rocky (Frankie Burke) and Jerry (William Tracey) flee after a robbery; Jerry gets away, but Rocky is sent to reform school. Years later, Jerry (now Pat O’Brien) has become a priest, and is working with a group of near-delinquents in his and Rocky’s old neighborhood. Rocky had become a professional criminal, taking the rap for his whole gang at the urging of crooked lawyer Frazier (Humphrey Bogart) in exchange for $100,000 upon his release. Now Rocky is out of prison, but is stalled by Frazier. He meets Jerry again; when he learns the youngsters Jerry is working with admire him, he tries to get them interested in the activities that Jerry has set up for them. He also becomes romantically attracted to Laury Ferguson (Ann Sheridan), whom he’d also known when a boy, and who is now a social worker assisting Jerry. Even though Rocky knows Frazier plans to kill him, he accepts the $100,000 payoff from the crooked lawyer, and tries to give $10,000 of it to Jerry for his youth program. Jerry, however, knows the money has come from the blackmail of corrupt politicians, and so begins a campaign to reform city government. This leads Frazier and his accomplice (George Bancroft) to plan to kill Jerry. The furious Rocky kills them instead; he’s arrested for the crime and sentenced to die. Jerry, knowing the boys still idolize Rocky, visits his old friend in prison and urges him to “die yellow” to help convince the boys that criminals aren’t to be admired. Rocky refuses, but as he’s led to the chair, he breaks down and begs for his life. Back in the neighborhood, the boys are deeply disappointed, but Jerry asks them to help him pray for “a boy who couldn’t run as fast as I could.”

Release date: Jan 1, 1938
Production Company: Warner Bros. Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Classics,Drama,Mystery & Suspense

Angels with Dirty Faces Caste and Crew
Director: Michael Curtiz
writer: Warren Duff,John Wexley,Rowland Brown
James Cagney,Pat O’Brien,Ann Sheridan,Humphrey Bogart,George Bancroft,Billy Halop,Bobby Jordan,Leo Gorcey,Bernard Punsley,Gabriel Dell,Huntz Hall,Bernard Punsly,Frankie Burke,William Tracy,Marilyn Knowlden,Joseph Downing,Adrian Morris,Oscar O’Shea,Edward Pawley,William Pawley,Charles Sullivan,Theodore Rand,John Hamilton,Dead End Kids,Earl Dwire,William Worthington,Jim Farley,Pat O’Malley,Jack C. Smith,Roger McGee,Vince Lombardi,Sonny Bupp,Dan Jesse,A.W. Sweatt,Chuck Stubbs,Eddie Syracuse,George Sorel,Robert E. Homans,Harris Berger,Lottie Williams,Harry Hayden,Dick Rich,Steve Darrell,Joe Devlin,Donald Kerr,Ted Offenbecker,Jack Goodrich,Al Lloyd,Jeffrey Sayre,Charles Marsh,Alexander Lockwood,Earl Gunn,Carlyle Moore Jr.,Lee Phelps,Jack Mower,Belle Mitchell,William Edmunds,Lotta Williams,Charles C. Wilson,Vera Lewis,Eddie Brian,Billy McClain,Claude Wisberg,Frank S. Hagney,Dick Wessel,John Harron,Wilbur Mack,Frank Coghlan Jr.,David Durand,Mary Gordon,George Offerman Jr.,Joe Cunningham,James Spottswood,John Dilson,Charles Trowbridge,Thomas E. Jackson,Ralph Sanford,Galan Galt,Emory Parnell,Wilfred Lucas,Elliott Sullivan,William Crowell,Lane Chandler,Jack Perrin,Ben Hendricks Jr.,Sidney Bracey,George Taylor,Dutch Hendrian,Dan Wolheim,Brian Burke,John Marston,Poppy Wilde,Al Hill,George Offerman