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A Medal for Benny

John Steinbeck cowrote this sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-wrenching study of small-town hypocrisy. Shiftless Benny (who is never seen) has been tossed out of his Southern California town by the “proper” citizens. Drafted into the army, Benny is killed in action–and now that he’s a hero, his old home town gears up for a Congressional Medal of Honor ceremony. Suddenly the same upright townsfolk who’d previously scorned Benny and his impoverished father (J. Carroll Naish) bend over backward to prove how much they “loved” the boy. Only Dorothy Lamour, playing Benny’s former sweetheart, sees through the sham, though she’s honor bound to celebrate Benny’s heroism. A Medal for Benny bestows top billing upon Lamour, but the film’s true star is J. Carroll Naish as Benny’s volatile Italian papa–a performance which won Naish an Academy Award nomination.

Release date: Apr 16, 1945
Production Company: Paramount Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Comedy,Drama

A Medal for Benny Caste and Crew
Director: Irving Pichel
writer: Frank Butler,Jack Wagner,John Steinbeck
J. Carroll Naish,Dorothy Lamour,Arturo de Córdova,Mikhail Rasumny,Fernando Alvarado,Charles Dingle,Frank McHugh,Rosita Moreno,Grant Mitchell,Douglass Dumbrille,Nestor Paiva,Eva Puig,Pepito Pérez,Minerva Urecal,Frank Reicher,Robert E. Homans,Edward Fielding,Max Wagner,Isabelita Castro,Oliver Blake,Victor Potel,Harry Hayden,Jack Gardner,Eddy Chandler,Tom Fadden,Alice Fleming,Chico Sandoval,Maxine Fife,Jimmie Dundee