A Global Affair Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

A Global Affair

In this comedy, the head of a United Nations department suddenly becomes a father when he stumbles across an abandoned baby in one of the halls. He tries to find a home for the darling and suddenly finds himself surrounded by assorted exotic beauties all trying to win the baby for their country. In the end, though, the bachelor takes the babe for his own. Songs include: “So Wide the World,” “Fais Do Do,” and “A Global Affair.”

Release date: Jan 30, 1964
Production Company: MGM
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Comedy

A Global Affair Caste and Crew
Director: Jack Arnold
writer: Bob Fisher,Charles Lederer,Arthur Marx
Bob Hope,Liselotte Pulver,Michele Mercier,Yvonne De Carlo,Elga Andersen,Miiko Taka,Robert Sterling,Nehemiah Persoff,John McGiver,Jacques Bergerac,Mickey Shaughnessy,Barbara Bouchet,Billy Halop,Adlai Stevenson,Reta Shaw,Henry Kulky,Francis De Sales,Rodolfo Hayes Jr.,Lester Matthews,Booth Colman,William Newell,Tanya Lemani,Georgia Hayes,Francois Ruggieri,Edmon Ryan,Baby Monroe,Rafer Johnson,Hugh Downs,Martin Blaine,Inez Pedroza,Francoise Ruggieri,Voltaire Perkins