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80,000 Suspects

British doctor Richard Johnson arrives in the city of Bath, where a smallpox epidemic has broken out. If he has any hope of stemming the disease, he must locate and isolate its source. As if he hasn’t got enough trouble on his hands, Johnson must contend with his failing marriage to Claire Bloom. Both of his problems are solved to everyone’s satisfaction, but not without a few hypertense moments along the way. Director Val Guest lifts 80,000 Suspects out of the ordinary with his inventive utilization of darkness and shadows. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Release date: Aug 15, 1963
Production Company:
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Genre: Drama,Romance

80,000 Suspects Caste and Crew
Director: Val Guest
Claire Bloom,Richard Johnson,Yolande Donlan,Cyril Cusack,Michael Goodliffe,Mervyn Johns,Kay Walsh,Norman Bird,Basil Dignam,Arthur Christiansen,Ray Barrett,Andrew Crawford,Jill Curzon,Vanda Godsell,Ursula Howells,Bruce Lewis,Norman Chappell