8 Million Ways To Die Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

8 Million Ways To Die

Jeff Bridges plays Matthew Scudder, an LA sheriff who loses his job due to his inability to stay away from booze. While attending an AA meeting, Scudder is invited to attend a party, where he meets the beauteous Sunny (Alexandra Paul). Also at the party is druggie Chance (Randy Brooks), an old enemy of Scudder’s. It doesn’t take long for Scudder to figure out that Chance is a pimp and Sunny is one of his hookers. She begs Scudder to help her break away from Chance. Not long afterward, Sunny is killed, and Scudder crawls back into the bottle. Eventually sobering up, he vows to avenge Sunny’s death. Much blood is spilled before the killer is revealed; along the way, Scudder gets a new lease on life when he falls in love with ex-hooker Rosanna Arquette. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Release date: Apr 25, 1986
Production Company: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Box Office Collection: $1,305,114
Genre: Action & Adventure,Drama,Mystery & Suspense

8 Million Ways To Die Caste and Crew
Director: Hal Ashby
writer: Lawrence Block,David Lee Henry,Oliver Stone
Jeff Bridges,Rosanna Arquette,Andy Garcia,Alexandra Paul,Randy Brooks,Lisa Sloan,Christa Denton,Peter Galindo,Vance Valencia,Lynn Stalmaster,Wilfredo Hernandez,Luisa Leschin,Victor Podillo,Vyto Ruginis,Chip Arnold,James Avery,Jack Younger,Zoaunne LeRoy,Abigail Shelton,Don Edmonds,Phil Peters,Elva Garcia,Zoaunne Le Roy,Michael Galindo,Pete Galindo,Miriam E. Schubach,Lois Gerace,Jay Ingram,Sue Rihr,Gene Ross,William Marquez,Fred Asparagus,Robb Madrid,Raegan Newman,Richard A. Michels,Arie Gedis,Rosalind Ingledew,Arthur Ervin,Frank Dent,Henry Lewis,Roberto A. Jimenez,Victor Rivers,Danny De La Paz,Mark Oliver Farley,Gil Parra,Loyd Catlett,Gilbert O. Parra,Art Fransen,Tommy “Tiny” Lister